How Many Types Of Bets Are There In Online Sports Betting?

Although there are several types of sports betting, in this space we will review the most common ones – the conventional ones, to define them in some way. This group is made up of simple, combined and system bets, briefly developed below.

Simple Bets

As the name implies, they are simple bets. The user chooses a selection and makes his play in a specific event. Of course, you can do it as many times as you want, but always individually. Calculating the profit is very easy: it arises from the multiplication of the amount of money wagered by the selected quota. For example, if you bet 10 dollars at a fee of 2.00, the gross profit will be 20 dollars and the net profit of 10.

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Combined Bets

It is precisely a combination of simple bets – two or more, with a maximum determined by each bookmaker. The great advantage of this modality is that the quotas of each selection multiply among themselves and lead to a high final quota. At the same time and as a negative point, the bettor must hit all his plays to win. Combined bets usually choose events in which, a priori, there is a very clear favorite in the previous one, since they pose a greater risk than other types of sports betting.

System Bets

In this case, the user combines a series of events but has an advantage over the above-mentioned combined ones, which is that an error does not necessarily result in losing the money invested. A simple example to explain this converted version of the combined bets is System 2/3. It consists of choosing three events and choosing two selections in each of them, each selection is a bet in itself. The amount wagered is divided into the three bets, so, in order to win, it is necessary to hit at least two of the three moves.

In this mode, which requires a minimum of three forecasts and generally a maximum of eight, the revenue increases as the number of bets that make up the system grows. Although, of course, it also increases the number of bets that must be right to win.

Which One To Choose?

It is almost impossible to determine which one of the three alternatives is the best option. They are strictly different and depend a lot on the chosen event. Simple bets are the most traditional and do not require too much analysis, while system bets are considered ideal for those more cautious bettors and speculators. Finally, the combined ones are probably presented as the most attractive option depending on the benefits they can deliver in case of success. When we bet it is necessary to carry out research work to accumulate knowledge about the data related to the player, the characteristics of the players or the type of sporting event. And it is no less important to know what the value of the bet we are going to place is.